A community voice for the Trellick Triangle
This weekend! Trellick’s 50th Celebration Free Festival! 12:00 – 20:00 At the base of Trellick Tower – see you there! – checkout for more
Public Meeting Monday 16th October 2021, organised by the Save Trellick & Cheltenham Estate Residents Campaign.

Panellists will include:
Kim Taylor Smith (RBKC), Architect Sarah Firth (Haworth Tompkins), Phineas Harper (Open City), Gill Kernick (Author and Trellick Resident), Moyra Samuels (local campaigner), James Pockson (CoMMET / IDK)

07th July 2021 – Kim Taylor Smith’s
Response to CoMMET’s Letter

CoMMET’s Recent Letter
to Kim Taylor-Smith

Dear Neighbour

A letter to all of our neighbours
in the Trellick Triangle

Our Common Ground

We have written down our community vision and would love to hear what you think!